Waterlake Farm House Update 3

NEWS | Feb 16th, 2022

The major construction activities since the last update were plastering, tiling, bathroom fit-out and the remainder of roof sheeting.

External finishes:

Portions of the exterior walls are finished with a bagged brickwork technique. The effect is created by dipping a hessian type bag in a cement slurry and dragging it over the surface of a flush jointed brick wall. By omitting the plaster layer and bagging it instead, a less labour intensive and more economical finish is achieved.

The Chromadek concealed fix (Saflok 700) stoep roof is installed. The water tank plinth is completed on the east elevation. Note the portion of face brick plinth around the building to reduce long term maintenance.

The steel spiral staircase is nearing completion. Its winding stringer structure consists of a round hollow section welded on top of a flat plate.

Internal stair and double volumes:

The main stair feature is finished with 20mm WilsonStone concrete tiles, creating a natural looking and durable surface. The stair nosings have factory shaped bullnoses, thus eliminating the need for aluminium edge trims. See https://www.wilsonstone.co.za/

The exposed timber trusses in the double volume area is complete. Downlights are integrated into the beams in some areas to create an interesting effect.

Other internal spaces:

The main bathroom tiling is almost complete. The ceiling is Isoboard (Isopine finish). The wall tiles are the 600×600 porcelain floor tiles cut in half. The vanity mirror cupboard is recessed into the wall.

A large sliding door in the main bedroom allows for a panoramic view of the beautiful natural environment of the estate.


Services are grouped in dedicated areas that are concealed from view but easily accessible for maintenance. Shown here is a heat pump with geyser and an air-conditioning condensor unit.