Waterlake Farm House Update 2

NEWS | Dec 18th, 2019

The major construction event since the last update was the addition of the roof sheeting. Thankfully it was completed before the heavy rainfall we recently experienced. External plastering is progressing well and the aluminium windows & doors have been installed.

External finishes:

Timber garage doors and aluminium windows have been completed on the south elevation. The aluminium frames and glass is still protected by plastic sheeting. The steel entrance pergola is complete. Note the provision of light points above the garage doors. The roof sheeting is complete. A thin Chromadek flashing gives an elegant trim to the gable ends of the roof.

The roof sheeting is 0.58mm Safintra Saflok 700 concealed fix roof sheeting. Note the absence of roof screws.  See Safintra Saflok 700 for more information on the system. The finish is Chromadek ‘Dark Dolphin’.  The ‘Dark Dolphin’ finish has special heat reflective properties to reduce solar absorption. See Chromadek  for more information. The face brick is Corobrik ‘Fynbos Rooi’, flush jointed.

The north gable elevation with main bedroom balcony.  The aluminium windows & doors are protected during construction by a blue plastic film.  Large sliding doors open onto the main bedroom recessed balcony.

Note the custom made extra width stack door installation on the north elevation. A concrete beam of ±8m span makes this possible. The swimming pool is in progress in the foreground. The steel structure for the stoep roof is in place, painted with red-oxide primer to protect it during transport and construction.

Internal stair and double volumes:

The main stair feature is taking shape. The wall behind the stair is plastered to resemble an off-shutter concrete finish. The treads are wider than the 250mm minimum to allow for easier movement up the stairs. Riser heights are in increments of two brick courses (170mm high). The stair will include a flat top area to put down everyday items e.g. handbags, keys, etc.

A concrete bridge element separates the double volume spaces of the entrance foyer and the dining room.  The exposed trussed must still receive their 40mm Isoboard ceiling insulation panels in between the timbers in order to comply with SANS 10400 part XA.