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Pretoria Architects should take note of the following:

NEWS | Mar 4th, 2022

City of Tshwane releases Draft Green Building Policy and By-law documents for comment.

The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality has released draft issues of new documents aimed at improving the environmental sustainability of the city’s built environment. The documents are called the “Draft Green Building Development and Net-zero Carbon Building Policy” and the “Draft Green Building Development and Net-zero Carbon Building By-law.” Pretoria Architects can now view the documents here:

View Policy Here
View By-law Here

The following environmental objectives are listed in the policy document:

  • Climate resilience and adaptation in building design
  • Operational energy efficiency and carbon neutrality
  • Water efficiency in building design and operation
  • Waste management in building construction and operation
  • Non-motorised transport support in building design

The public is invited to comment on this proposed new legislation for the city. Any comments should be forwarded to the Office of the Executive Mayor before 8 March 2022. Comments can be sent via email to