Update 3: Waterlake House no. 1

Introduction: The major construction activities since the last update were plastering, tiling, bathroom fit-out and the remainder of roof sheeting. External finishes: Portions of the exterior walls are finished with a bagged brickwork technique. The effect is created by dipping a hessian type bag in a cement slurry and dragging it over the surface of [...]

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Waterlake House 1: Construction Update 2

Introduction: The major construction event since the last update was the addition of the roof sheeting. Thankfully it was completed before the heavy rainfall we recently experienced.  External plastering is progressing well and the aluminium windows & doors have been installed. External finishes: Timber garage doors and aluminium windows have been completed on the south [...]

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Architectural Fees

Architectural fees in South Africa The matter of architectural fees in South Africa is a contentious issue. The range of fees charged by architectural professionals vary greatly. This often leads to confusion among clients and the general public. Often the idea is formed that certain architects charge too much if their fees are compared to [...]

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Update: Waterlake House 1

Construction of Waterlake House Construction of Waterlake House is progressing well. The timber roof structure is completed and ready to receive sheeting. Internal and external plastering is ready to commence. Note the exposed timber trusses over the dining room double volume.  LED downlighters will be recessed in the tie-beams of the trusses. Isoboard XPS (extruded [...]

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